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Competence & Offer

Competences & Offers

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Anatomic pathology

Molecular Biology

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Microbiology Bacteriology - Virology

Biochemistry and Hemostasis



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Water and Air



Sterilisation -

Aseptic Processing

Partner Info


The essence of a partnership is the continuing relationship between two or more individuals, with the contractual partnership agreement being only an indication of the relationship.                              

By Partner we mean either Suppliers and Customers; this continous collaboration with our Partners is a long term investment that bring the best out of our relation.                                                                

About us

About us

Expertise on Medical Devices presence in Africa Senegal since 25 Years.

We are working with major Hospitals to deliver and to provide support on divers medical equipments.


We have built our competence in different medical fields and we work in close collaboration with our partner to be always ready to support our customers.

We have strong will to support daily our customers to ensure a very high service and we know upfront that patient can not wait for medical support. Therefore, we bring the right compentence to allow that the resolution of incidents is not critcal anymore for our customers.

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Opening Hours

Monday-Friday: 8 am to 6 pm

Saturday&Sunday: Closed

36 Bis Rue Jules Ferry, Dakar, Senegal

BP 41 72

Tel:  +221 33 821 93 08

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