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Thechnical Support

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Preventive Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance means the replacement, overhaul, or repair of a material item before the item is damaged.

  1. Preserving the productivity of medical devices: any breakdown or troubleshooting is a major problem for the Customer. On the contrary, prevention makes it possible to reduce these problems.

  2. Increasing the life of medical devices: preserving its means of hospitalization is to limit the investments inherent in the acquisition of new devices. Preventive maintenance guarantees the optimization of the efficiency of the hospitalization chain.

  3. Reduce costs: Investing in a preventive maintenance strategy is financially more advantageous than replacing your device early. In case of sale, these can also be sold at more attractive prices.

  4. Guarantee the quality of hospitalization: the ISO 9001 standard requires the establishment of the necessary means for the conformity of the products. Regular maintenance of your equipment plays a crucial role in this context.

  5. Improve working conditions: preventive maintenance limits the risk of accidents, facilitates the work of employees and contributes to their motivation.


Support on Site

Manage the support on site it is something that need a lot of planning and experience. Starting fom the begining all is set in place so that our technicians are ready to deliver an efficient support on site.

To proactively supporting on site our customers, ours cars are equipped with technical tools to allow to repair on site the medical devices. Specific training to our techincians are also delivred, allowing to be qualified to perform all type repair in accordance with Partner specifications.

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